Twitter is Losing it Over Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock Memes

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It was inevitable. The “slap incident” at the Oscars ceremony involving Will Smith and Chris Rock onstage at the Dolby Theater has become a widespread meme in a matter of several hours.

Here are the best tweets and memes about the “slap incident”.

People are using the image of Smith slapping Chris Rock to make comedic edits of Smith playing various mobile games such as ‘Fruit Ninja’ or trying to catch Pokemon.

…or to remind everybody that it was Monday already:

…or that they have problems with money:

Some made fun of the scene from ‘Men In Black’ with memory erasing:

…some remembered 2010 comedy ‘Grown Ups’:

…some – SpongeBob:

Comedian Sahil Shah also stepped in:

Butcher Billy suggested his version of old Batman meme:

Some users pay special attention to the audience reactions:

And here is the kindest one:

And the revelation:

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