Two Types of People: Fans Decide on Best MCU Thor Movie

Two Types of People: Fans Decide on Best MCU Thor Movie
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Are you team comedy or team dark drama?

Now that God of Thunder has become Marvel's first superhero to land four solo movies, fans have more than enough content to debate over.

Many Thor fans have already checked out Taika Waititi 's 'Love and Thunder', so naturally, the time has come for them to decide which Thor movie is the best. This is where the community split in two camps: those who click with Waititi's humorous and borderline nonchalant take on Thor, and those who prefer their God of Thunder serious and dramatic.

In some way, 'Ragnarok' and 'Love and Thunder' merged into one for the Waititi team, while other fans raveled in nostalgia for the good old Thor movies directed by Kenneth Branagh and Alan Taylor.

Waititi opponents have not even tried to restrain themselves in any way.

"Thor 3 was already one of the worst blockbusters ever made. But it's not hard to believe Waititi topped himself in this regard. People like him or Gunn shouldn't be allowed anywhere near these franchises." – @Alienorexium.

And even those who enjoy Waititi's vision appeared to have enjoyed 'Ragnarok' more.

"Ragnarok is easily the best of the four. Did it have a little too much comedy? Sure. Still a good film that lead to the climax of the MCU. " – @bluecoke47.

But there was one thing both teams could largely agree on: the failure of 'Thor: The Dark World'.

"If there is one thing Marvel fans agree on, it's that The Dark World is the worst MCU movie by far. It's the second worst MCU content. Second to Hawkeye. " – @chrisssydablack.

There are people who did not feel like siding with anyone here.

"Honestly Thor's solo movies weren't really up to par. Not a fan of the excessive comedic vibes. Only one that was semi-okay was Thor 1. Any comedy should be left to Deadpool, and MAYBE Spider-Man, Iron-Man, and Ant-Man." – @IzzyBolden.

For many comic fans, neither of the directors who tried to bring Thor to big screen has quite grasped the concept of the character. Naturally, these people are least fond of Waititi's sunshine-and-rainbows vision of Thor.

"Exactly in that order. I liked Thor when he was serious and the films focused on better storylines, not when he's a surfer bro telling bad jokes while holding a magical ax dealing +20 energy damage. Ragnarok was basically his apocalypse and he didn't seem to upset over it." – @TheRealJakeBry1.

Despite its truly electrifying opening, 'Thor: Love and Thunder ' has received mixed reviews from both fans and critics, with the majority of people being baffled by the amount of comedy and "cringe" humor in the movie. However, there are plenty of fans who believe it to be Waititi's authentic style that refreshes Thor's character.

With 'Love and Thunder' already in theatres, one can only grab a ticket and see for oneself.