Ugly Sonic Returns In 'Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers', Faces Backlash

Image credit: Legion-Media

The original scrapped design for 'Sonic the Hedgehog' returns in a not-so-glorious fashion for the new Chip and Dale movie.

'Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers' is advertised as an ironic look at a community of cartoon characters trying to survive in a parallel universe where they all share the world with ordinary people. Chip and Dale lost touch years ago when Dale decided to undergo 'CGI surgery' to revive his dying career. At the beginning of the film, Dale appears at a convention for washed-up movie characters, and it is there when viewers meet the disturbing-looking Ugly Sonic once again.

Many remember the first cinematic version of Sonic, developed back in 2019, which frightened viewers with an overly realistic portrayal of the beloved game character. The Ugly Sonic was thought to be dead and buried, so his appearance in the just-released Disney+ movie clearly stunned audiences. Some fans thought the whole gag was weird and unfunny and called on Disney to forget about Ugly Sonic forever.

Others praise Paramount and Disney for his appearance, saying it was one of the funniest scenes in the film.

Few fans are really afraid of the new Ugly Sonic, claiming that his image will haunt them in their nightmares.

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