Underrated Colin Farrell’s Sci-Fi Gem Is a Certified Tearjerker Available on Netflix

Underrated Colin Farrell’s Sci-Fi Gem Is a Certified Tearjerker Available on Netflix
Image credit: A24

The True Detective actor starred in a movie exploring both technologies and the human soul.


  • Farrell-starring 2021 movie is a solid must-watch for the actor’s fans.
  • It blends inventive science fiction and deep drama, raising a number of universally important issues.

Among the actors, around whom there is not so much hype, Colin Farrell obviously stands out, as he’s a jack of all trades. It’s proven by his brilliant performances in the dark comedies Seven Psychopaths (2012) and The Lobster (2015), thriller series True Detective ( 2015) and the 2022 drama hit, The Banshees of Inisherin.

There is a movie, however, that even better demonstrates how great the actor’s dramatical talent is. Its plot revolves around a loving husband and father Jake, played by Farrell, who all of a sudden finds his son becoming weak and unresponsive.

However, it turns out it’s not their real son, but rather an android, who assists the family’s adoptive Chinese daughter Mika. Jake does all he ever can to repair the android, playing such a significant role in Mika’s growing up and exploring the world around her.

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This movie is definitely a science fiction feature, set in the near future, with its inventive technologies, human-like robots, modernized vehicles, and smart homes. Its futuristic aspect is really reminiscent of the setting of Alex Garland ’s Ex Machina (2014), also exploring humans’ exploitation of the intelligent humanoid robots.

Nevertheless, as the plot progresses and as Farrell’s character goes further in his attempts to help his family, the film delves into thought-provoking psychological drama, raising the essential themes of diversity, memory, death and humanism.

Its deep dramatical aspect can be compared with the one of such indie hits, as C'mon C'mon, Aftersun and Past Lives. It’s also really aesthetic in terms of cinematography, which is supported by the gentle music of the renowned composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

We’re talking about the 2021 sci-fi drama After Yang, directed by the inventive filmmaker Kogonada. Disappointingly, this movie became a box office failure, as it earned less than $1 million against a budget estimated from $9M to $20M.

Besides, critics seemed to enjoy Kogonada’s feature more than the audience, as the two respective scores on Rotten Tomatoes are 90% and 69%. It can be explained by quite a slow pace of narration that can spoil a simple viewer’s impression of the movie.

What is clear about it is that Farrell here delivers one of the best and deepest performances of the whole career. Stream After Yang on Netflix to check it out.