Up For More Twilight? Edward's Cut Backstory Set the Stage for Prequel Already

Up For More Twilight? Edward's Cut Backstory Set the Stage for Prequel Already
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Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series turned out to be a great franchise: both the original books and the movie adaptations still retain a massive fan community despite having ended more than a decade ago.

To this day, fans rewatch and reread Twilight, write fanfiction, and create beautiful pieces of art dedicated to their favorite characters. If this isn't love, then what is?

Even though the community doesn't allow the franchise to die, fans are still striving for more Twilight pieces — whether books or movies, it doesn't matter.

The thing is, there's no good reason to deny them this pleasure: even the original novels had enough substance for a couple more films, and we'll prove it!

Edward's backstory played quite an important role in the books; however, in the movies, it was cut out completely.

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It would make for a perfect Twilight sequel as it has everything a great film needs: drama, character development, relationships… And quite a bit of gore, if we're being completely honest.

According to the books, Edward was turned into a vampire by Carlisle when he was dying from Spanish influenza back in 1918, effectively saving him.

He joined Carlisle in his quest to help others, but not everything was as good and pure as it seems: nine years later, in 1927, Edward ran away from his newfound family to become a vigilante.

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Overwhelmed by his new powers, Edward decided to inflict self-righteous justice upon people he perceived deserving of it.

With his telepathic abilities, he located and hunted down everyone on his path who had committed something terrible. Edward's unhinged quest took him on a four-year journey of a never-ending bloodbath.

In 1931, he realized the wrongness of his beliefs and came back to the Cullens, this time for good. Edward started helping Carlisle and Esme grow their new family of vampires, saving people who were on the verge of an unfair and painful death.

For the next decades, they lived together amongst humans, trying to blend in as best as possible and help out their communities.

Once in a while, the Cullen family moved to a different location to avoid questions regarding their inability to properly age. This continued on until Edward met Bella, but we already saw their story.

Edward's dark and captivating backstory deserves a standalone movie — and it has the perfect plot and level of drama to become a fantastic sequel to the main movies.

There's just one tiny little issue: Robert Pattinson has explicitly stated that he hates the idea of playing Edward Cullen again on multiple occasions…

And he's irreplaceable in this role just as much as Kristen Stewart is as Bella Swan.

But oh well. Let the dreamers dream.