Upcoming Avengers Movie May Reboot MCU (And Fans Kinda Hope For It)

Upcoming Avengers Movie May Reboot MCU (And Fans Kinda Hope For It)
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Does the Marvel Cinematic Universe really need a reboot?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU ) has been one wild ride since it first burst onto the scene in 2008. But now, some fans are scratching their heads and wondering if it's about time for a do-over.

A recent discussion on Reddit got people talking about the next Avengers movie, Secret Wars, slated for a 2027 release. Fans shared their opinions on why hitting the reset button might just be what the doctor ordered for the MCU.

In the comics, Secret Wars is a big deal. It first hit the shelves in a 12-issue series from 84 to 85 and is a mega mash-up of Marvel's finest heroes and nastiest villains.

Fans noted that by the time Secret Wars rolls around, most of the current cast will be getting old a bit. This could throw a wrench in the works for characters like Kamala Khan ( aka Ms. Marvel), who's perpetually stuck in her teenage years in the comics.

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They also voiced concerns about actors getting a bit fed up with their roles, which could lead to some unsatisfying goodbyes. Plus, they mentioned missing some of the beloved characters like Iron Man and Captain America, who are not part of the current MCU plot.

The chat also heated up around the topic of the X-Men joining the MCU. Some fans reckon that mutants should've been in the mix from day one, paving the way for more intricate plots and character dynamics.

And let's face it, some of the recent MCU projects just haven't been up to snuff. The latest series, Secret Invasion, is a prime example of the issues plaguing the MCU right now.

The prospect of a reboot via Secret Wars was seen as a win-win. It could give the universe a fresh start, provide a dignified exit for actors ready to leave, bring back some legendary characters, and make it easier for newbies to jump on the Marvel bandwagon.

But not everyone's sold on this idea. Some fans are pretty chuffed with how things are in the MCU and think a reboot might be a bit much. Others suggested taking it slow and steady, focusing more on cooking up new plots and characters rather than a total revamp.

Do you think the MCU needs a reboot?

Source: Reddit