‘Utterly Forgettable’: Here’s What Critics Are Saying About ‘Morbius’

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First reviews of Sony’s ‘Morbius’ are coming through, and it seems like Jared Leto helmed Spider-Man Universe endeavor leave much to be desired.

A story about a scientist becoming a vampire was a long time coming – multiple delays pumped up the anticipation, but first trailers were quick to disappoint the public. And now, with first official reviews from multiple news-outlets, fans finally have a chance to learn more about the film.

Collider’s Emma Kiely called the film a Sony Marvel universe’s ‘first major disappointment’ and described the title character as ‘utterly forgettable’, but expressed her hopes for careful continuation of the story, with more ‘care and attention’ towards its protagonist.

David Rooney from Hollywood Reporter commended the film on a promising start and a intense lead performance, but concluded that the film as a whole didn’t live up to its esteemed universe.

Entertainment Weekly’s Leah Greenblatt liked the film for its ‘whiz-bang violence, goth atmosphere, and high camp’, but was disappointed with the rushed finale.

Brian Truitt of USA Today compared ‘Morbius’ to early 2000’s lackluster superhero flicks like 2005 ‘Elektra’, also calling the film a ‘lifeless slog’.

Looks like Sony’s newest addition to its cinematic universe won’t be remembered fondly, with lack of narrative structure and execution being the most common complaints. ‘Morbius’ will finally have its theatrical release on April 1, 2022.

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