'Wakanda Forever' Leak Reveals Who Will Be the Next Black Panther

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Not that we didn't have our suspicions already, but finally 'Wakanda Forever' plot outline leak confirms the one thing all the MCU fans have been talking about for so long now.

Following the untimely death of Chadwick Boseman, millions of Marvel fans mourned, lamenting the fact that they would never see the actor again, and his Marvel character T'Challa. To honor Boseman's legacy, Kevin Feige decided not to recast his role with another actor for the upcoming sequel, announcing that T'Challa would also die in the film, passing his costume and superhero title to another character. And now we finally know who the next defender of Wakanda will be, and it's pretty crazy.

Thanks to famed Marvel insider DanielRPK, who shared the leaked plot of 'Wakanda Forever' (via Reddit), fans got a crazy amount of interesting details, from Namor having been confirmed as the main villain and Riri Williams appearing in the film to Shuri becoming the new Black Panther. Yes, you read that right – the tech genius will trade her lab for crazy action and a possible spot on the Avengers team. And it seems that fans don't quite agree, claiming that the way Shuri gets her powers is pretty unbelievable.

"There are much better ways to do it. Have Shuri be guided to it by her brother (as a panther) in the Ancestral Plane. Magically cooking up the cure in a lab is so overdone in MCU movies." – /LordAyeris.

Others have already started talking about Shuri supposedly defeating Namor by the end of the movie, arguing that Namor is too strong to be beaten up by a mere mortal.

"It's stupid if Shuri being unskilled and inexperienced in combat beats a combat skilled and experienced Namor because she took some herb." – /WeirdImaginator.

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