Was Kanthony Ruined by Bridgerton's Lack of Respect for the Source Material?

Was Kanthony Ruined by Bridgerton's Lack of Respect for the Source Material?
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Book adaptations are just that: adaptations. This means that they often contain differences from the texts on which they are based.

The Bridgerton series is no different – and we're not just talking about the producers skipping the third book for Season 3 either. Some changes to Season 2 didn't go down well with book fans, however, let's explore these.

Bridgerton Season 2 Vs Book 2 The Viscount Who Loved Me

There were many changes in the Netflix adaptation of the Julia Quinn novel The Viscount Who Loved Me. These included the Sharmas being real immigrants, the action around the bee sting, the side plot of the Sheffields and inheritance money, marrying for love, and Daphne's involvement in the plot.

Though many people think some of these changes were for the better, others disagree and say Kanthony was ruined by them. Here are two of the biggest storyline differences that left fans unhappy.

Cutting out the Library Scene

There is a really moving and important scene in The Viscount Who Loved Me in which Kate and Anthony bond over their respective traumas over witnessing a parent's death alone. While Anthony's story is present in the Netflix series, Kate's isn't and neither, therefore, is their trauma bonding.

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In the book, Kate is described as being frightened of thunderstorms to the point of PTSD. Though she is unaware of where her fear began, she manages to unpick where it came from by talking to Mary: she witnessed her mother dying from a respiratory infection during a thunderstorm. She was alone with her and three years old.

Viewers who've not read the book can probably see how this should have been included as a key bonding moment for Kanthony due to the parallels between their past experiences.

The Edwina-Kanthony love triangle that never was

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If you've never read the books, you're in for a shock. Edwina didn't fall in love with Anthony and was actually excited about Kate's marriage. Edwina being in love with him ultimately destroyed the sisterhood between her and Kate in the Netflix adaptation, yet they were still on very good terms in the novel. We also were forced to endure an aborted wedding but didn't get to see Kate and Anthony tie the knot.

But was Kanthony really ruined?

It's easy to see why readers were unhappy with some elements of the Kanthony story but there are so many positive changes too. For example, it wasn't a forced marriage à la Season 1 (which would have been repetitive), Kate was also aged to be 26, which was perfect and restored the book's power imbalance too. She already had a plan for life and didn't need a husband, which made their relationship just perfect.