Was There Yet Another Horcrux We All Ignored? Insane Harry Potter Theory Says Yes

Was There Yet Another Horcrux We All Ignored? Insane Harry Potter Theory Says Yes
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The Basilisk from the first Harry Potter movie was a deadly and dangerous creature in its own right, but fans of the franchise suggest that it also may be hiding a very dark and important secret.

As you know, Salazar Slytherin was forced to leave Hogwarts because the other founders did not understand his ideas.

Before his departure, not wanting to leave Hogwarts without protection from the Mudbloods, he created the Chamber of Secrets, where hid his monster – the Basilisk, which was supposed to kill the Mudblood wizards.

The Chamber has been searched for many times, but has never been found because, according to legend, only the Heir of Slytherin, who speaks the parseltongue, can open it.

Only Tom Riddle, a descendant of Slytherin who speaks the language of snakes, was able to find and open the Chamber. But how did he manage to tame the Basilisk?

Here we must digress and talk about Herpo the Foul, as he is a key figure in the theory. Tom probably learned about him by studying the history of basilisks.

Herpo lived thousands of years before the events of Harry Potter and was the first wizard to breed a basilisk and the first to create the Horcrux.

Newt Scamander defined basilisks as untrainable and untameable creatures, and Harry Potter has shown that they will not obey when spoken to in parseltongue. However, it is known that Herpo subjugated a terrible creature.

Putting two and two together, we can conclude that Herpo put a part of his soul into the basilisk, making it a Horcrux and allowing the wizard to control it.

And Salazar Slytherin's basilisk also carried out its master's commands, suggesting that the wizard used the same technique as his predecessor. This is the conclusion made by Reddit user 08george and it seems pretty reasonable.

As a direct descendant of Slytherin, Tom Riddle could also control the basilisk, and perhaps it was the discovery of Salazar's act that prompted Tom not only to create Horcruxes, but to place one in Nagini.

Fans agree that this theory explains why none of Salazar's other descendants have opened the Chamber in 900 years.

"A horcrux is one of the few things I feel explains this, a piece of Slytherin that picked Tom as heir," Reddit user 08george added.

In the end, it may turn out that the Basilisk was simply a monster who enjoyed killing Mudbloods. But fans agree that this theory adds a layer of complexity to the entire plot of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.