Watch Matthew Perry Totally Losing It in an Iconic Friends Scene

Watch Matthew Perry Totally Losing It in an Iconic Friends Scene
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Priceless 54 seconds with the late Matthew Perry.


  • Hollywood has suffered a tragic loss with the passing of Matthew Perry at the age of 54.
  • The Chandler Bing actor is still considered one of the funniest Friends actors of all time.
  • In recent days, a clip of Chandler throwing a tantrum has been circulating.

Amidst the sea of darkness and turmoil that has engulfed the world, it would seem that the year 2023 couldn't get any worse. And yet, something terrible has happened that has devastated millions of people around the world. On October 28, it was reported that 54-year-old actor Matthew Perry had died at his home in Los Angeles. Many of us are still recovering from what happened.

Friends has become not only a pop culture phenomenon thanks to its superbly written script and great jokes, but also a true family, both for the fans and for each other. It was the warm chemistry between each of the main cast members that drew us in the first place. And that chemistry went far beyond the script, as the cast's personal words and bloopers contributed to it! One of those behind-the-scenes clips, revealing details about the filming of one of the iconic sequences, went incredibly viral as fans honored Parry's memory by saying a final goodbye to their favorite actor.

Viral Clip

'We always felt that the strength of the show was that it wasn't just jokes,' David Crane, the co-creator of the show, said. 'It was really about caring about these six people in an emotional way, even when it was funny. If it were just really good jokes, I don't think we would have been there as long as we were.'

A lot of the chemistry between the friends didn't just happen on the page. The actors became very intimate and that drove the dynamic between them. This is especially evident in the bloopers, which perfectly illustrate how much fun the cast and crew had while filming. For example, the clip showing the actors' reactions during the filming of the famous 'Pivot' scene is especially priceless.

Yes, this is the scene from the Season 5 episode 'The One with the Cop' where we learned that the cozy New York City apartments we've all dreamed of living in (not to mention sharing with friends!) have one major drawback. It's impossible to get bulky furniture up the local stairs!

After buying a new couch, Ross (David Schwimmer ) enlisted Rachel (Jennifer Aniston ) and Chandler to help him lift it, thinking he could ditch all those expensive delivery services. As the three of them lifted the couch up the narrow staircase, Ross yelled 'pivot,' alluding to turning the couch, but at one point it frustrated Chandler so much that he hysterically yelled 'shut up' three whole times in response. At this point, even the most dispassionate among us couldn't resist a few laughs, not to mention Perry, Schwimmer and Aniston, who all burst out laughing!

Showrunner Shares Scene Details

Seeing a young Perry in full bloom sharing a funny situation with his co-stars is an incredible gem for all of us. About 54 seconds of it takes us back to those times when we all first watched the show and marveled at how much warmth was built between the characters.

According to Crane, no one on the team expected the moment to be so iconic. They just prepared a realistic script inspired by their personal experiences living in New York, and the rest was up to the actors.

'I remember in the writers' room there was a discussion about, "Can we do a story as simple as getting a couch up a flight of stairs." Even on stage that was fantastically funny. The three of them were just brilliant and it was all they could do to get through it.'

Rest in peace, Matthew Perry. You were the best of Friends.

Source: EW.