We Owe Victor Krum an Apology: Heartbreaking Theory Will Make You See Him in a Whole New Light

We Owe Victor Krum an Apology: Heartbreaking Theory Will Make You See Him in a Whole New Light
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Man, fan theories can be really intense!

You never know when another Harry Potter theory will sneak up on you and break your heart. Especially since the beloved series serves as an endless source of tragic stories and devastating revelations.

This time, the fans got their hands on the Triwizard Tournament and its Durmstrang champ, Victor Krum.

Viewers will recall that in Goblet of Fire, when the time came for Stanislav Yanevski's character to save someone from the Merpeople inhabiting the Black Lake, the Triwizard Tournament Committee chose none other than Hermione, the girl he had met just weeks before and had gone to the Yule Ball with.

At first glance, such a choice may seem convenient – there was simply no one else close enough to Victor at Hogwarts at the time.

But when you consider that Fluer's sister actually arrived at Hogwarts specifically for the second task, and Victor's parents are described as cold when they come to watch the final challenge, this whole situation becomes heartbreaking.

Apparently, Hermione was not just Victor's most important person at Hogwarts. She was Victor's most important person, period.

Of course, it is sad that, with all his fame, the Durmstrang champion and Quidditch star became so attached to the girl he had just met. But it's relatively easy to see why it happened.

At Hogwarts, Krum must have felt alone without his Quidditch teammates and most of his classmates. He was used to playing a team sport, and in the Triwizard Tournament, he fought alone.

Yes, he had a fan club stalking him, but ironically, his fame stood between him and any new connections he tried to make.

And here comes Hermione, who is immune to Viktor's celebrity status. With her disregard for Quidditch and four years of exposure to the one and only Harry Potter, she saw Viktor the person, not just Viktor Krum the Quidditch star.

And that must have been a revelation to the Durmstrang champion. Add to that the fact that Hermione, like Viktor, was an intellectual bookworm and a talented witch, and it is easy to see how the two formed a real bond in a short time.

But of course, none of this makes the fact that Victor was so lonely that a new acquaintance was the one he would "sorely miss" any less heartbreaking. Especially in light of their subsequent drifting apart.