Wednesday Season 2 Is a Done Deal: Here's Everything We Know About It

Wednesday Season 2 Is a Done Deal: Here's Everything We Know About It
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One of Netflix’s best shows is officially back for Season 2. Who’s in the cast, where is it filmed, and when will Wednesday Season 2 be released? Here’s what we know.


  • Wednesday Season 2 has been confirmed: the show will start production in April 2024 in Ireland.
  • The Addams family will extend for at least one more member in the upcoming season.
  • Star Jenna Ortega will act as Season 2’s producer, and she wants to put a darker spin on the show.

The everlasting curse of Netflix 's original series finally missed the mark, and Wednesday became one of the (fewer every year) shows the platform didn’t immediately cancel after a successful first season. It’s official now: Jenna Ortega’s world-famous outing as the youngest member of the Addams clan will be back.

Few details are known so far, but there are some bits and pieces of information about Season 2: new cast members, new filming locations, and good old torture.

Will the Cast of Wednesday Change for Season 2?

At the very least, we can expect Jenna Ortega, Hunter Doohan, Emma Myers, and Joy Sunday to return in Season 2: all of these actors joined the promo video on Tudum to address popular Wednesday fan theories meaning they’re still involved with the show. They also hinted at a few other people who will co-star with them.

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There are no reasons to believe that any of the original cast members will leave the series, either. On the contrary, we’re expecting more to join: at least one new character will join the roster in Wednesday Season 2, and it will be another Addams family member. No idea who exactly, for now, but the cast confirmed it to Tudum.

Will the Filming Location Change for Season 2?

The entirety of Wednesday Season 1 was filmed in Romania, but that’s about to change. According to Deadline’s sources, Netflix’s most popular TV show is heading off to shoot Season 2 in Ireland — apparently, Wednesday is on a quest to boost as many tourist locations as possible with its filming routine. Romania’s had its share.

When Will Wednesday Season 2 Be Released?

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For now, there’s no release date for the next season of Wednesday: the show has yet to enter production stages after the Hollywood strikes are over. However, the show is aiming to begin production in late April 2024, per Deadline. This date is not set in stone, either, but it gives a decently solid idea of when to expect Season 2.

Depending on the schedule and substance of Wednesday’s upcoming outing, it’s safe to assume the filming might only wrap up in summer. Throw post-production on top of that, and you have a solid last quarter of the year to look out for. One thing we’re certain about with the release date is that it will be a Wednesday.

What Differences Can We Expect from Season 2?

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It’s worth noting that Jenna Ortega, the lead star of Wednesday, will also act as the show’s producer for Season 2. The actress is eager to add her touch to the series, and she’s been vocal about the lack of darkness in the first season. If we were to guess, we’d advise you to brace yourselves for less romance and more brutality.

Ortega herself seemingly confirmed it to Tudum. “[Wednesday] sticks to her guns, and she’s not out to please anybody,” the actress shared. At the same time, the showrunners promised to “explore the kooky, spooky world of Nevermore,” so we’re pretty positive about the school remaining the central location for Season 2.

We wish Jenna Ortega good luck in her new role — and reprising her old and already iconic one. We’ll keep our fingers on the pulse to let you know about any further developments about the production and details of Wednesday Season 2.

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