What Happens to Kimiko in 'The Boys' Season 3 Episode 5?

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Episode 4 left fans worried about their favorite character's life, and now Kimiko's fate is finally revealed.

Warning: major 'The Boys' s3e5 spoilers ahead!

Amazon Prime's adult superhero series is no stranger to sudden killings of major characters, so the severe injury Kimiko received from Soldier Boy in the previous episode could have cost her life. Jensen Ackles' character, who serves as 'The Boys' version of Captain America, is able to fire projectiles, taking away his victims' superpowers, and the blast fired at Kimiko negated her ability to heal, so she was quickly taken to the hospital. The episode ended on that juicy cliffhanger, and fans had to wait an entire week to finally find out how she was doing.

Episode 4 immediately reassured fans by showing Kimiko in the hospital – alive but unconscious. She later comes to her senses and, checking her wound, realizes that it still hasn't healed. Even though her superhuman abilities seemed to have disappeared, Kimiko was more than happy about it, finally getting a chance to live a normal and peaceful life instead of fighting crime syndicates and taking orders from the mafia. It seems that Soldier Boy's superpowers take away superheroes' abilities permanently, not just temporarily.

Could this insane power be Billy Butcher's main chance to finally kill Homelander? Some fans certainly think so, joking about another possibility to get rid of a villainous superhero.

"If Soldier Boy can't kill him, I'm pretty sure another board meeting might make him die of embarrassment." – /Electric_Nachos.

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