What Is Stranger Things' Worst Episode and Why?

What Is Stranger Things' Worst Episode and Why?
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This episode feels like it was taken from a slightly different show.


  • The Lost Sister episode in Stranger Things season 2 is widely regarded as the worst in the series.
  • It has the lowest IMDb rating of 6.1.
  • Fans criticized the episode for being disconnected and introducing unconvincing characters.

Stranger Things, Netflix 's hit series, has had its share of standout episodes, but one particular episode stood out for the wrong reasons. This episode is widely recognized as the most divisive, and arguably the worst, in the show's history.

This Season 2 Episode Is Stranger Things’ Lowest Rated One

The seventh episode of Stranger Things season 2, titled The Lost Sister, is the lowest rated episode of the series on IMDb, — 6.1.

In The Lost Sister, the story veers off the main plot to focus exclusively on Eleven as she seeks to find her roots and reconnect with her “sister” Kali, another test subject from the lab where Eleven was raised.

This premise might sound intriguing, but the execution of the episode garnered significant criticism.

Why Do Fans Hate The Lost Sister Episode of Stranger Things?

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The Lost Sister seems to stray far from the season’s themes. It feels disconnected from the rest of season 2, breaking the flow and narrative cohesion that fans had come to expect from the show.

The episode introduces Kali and her gang, who are described as an "off-brand X-Men" group. They inhabit a well-furnished warehouse and engage in a series of morally dubious acts.

This portrayal was criticized for stretching disbelief to a breaking point, with the characters feeling more like caricatures from a less compelling show. Kali, despite being a potentially interesting addition with her unique psychic powers, is mired in a narrative that many found to be pointless and cheesy.

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While the episode aimed to explore Eleven's personal growth and her struggle with identity and belonging, it ultimately felt anticlimactic. Plus, the parting of Eleven and Kali at the episode's end was seen as disappointing, failing to provide a meaningful progression in Eleven's journey.