What Stephen King Really Thinks About The Boogeyman Adaptation

What Stephen King Really Thinks About The Boogeyman Adaptation
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It could become one of Stephen Kings scariest adaptations ever.

The books and novels of Stephen King are an almost inexhaustible source of stories for directors who want to tickle the audience's nerves.

Moreover, some of his books have been adapted for the screen several times.

The Boogeyman is such a case: it was published in 1973 and the first movie adaptation was released in 1982. Now director Rob Savage is getting ready to present his own version of the story.

In the original story the protagonist is a psychiatrist who is approached by a patient with an unusual problem: a man claims to be haunted by a supernatural being that has killed his children.

The investigations carried out after the children's deaths have concluded that the deaths were due to natural causes, but the man is sure that he has enough evidence to point to the presence of a monster.

This monster is the Boogeyman, a terrifying creature that hides in closets and under beds and attacks children in the dark.

Rob Savage's movie will be slightly different from King's story. In the movie, the monster moves into the doctor's house after the strange patient leaves the psychotherapist's session.

A desperate patient moved the Boogeyman from one house to another, and since then not only the therapist but also his daughters were in danger.

The movie has not been released yet, but it is already being called one of the scariest horror movies in history, because during the test screenings, the viewers were so scared that they missed everything that happened after the scary moments, so the movie had to be reedited a little bit.

The director also shared that he received a rave review from Stephen King himself:

"He sent a lovely almost-essay about how much he enjoyed the movie. And then the next day I wake up and there's an email in my inbox from Steve King and he said he's still thinking about the movie. He said a few more nice things and the nicest thing that he said was, 'They'd be f***ing stupid to release this on streaming and not in cinemas.'"

Originally, The Boogeyman was only going to be released on the Hulu streaming platform. However, after test screenings and enthusiastic reviews, the decision was made to release the movie in theaters.

Find out just how scary King's next adaptation turned out to be on June 2.

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