What The Actor Who Played Young Snape In Harry Potter Looks Like Now

What The Actor Who Played Young Snape In Harry Potter Looks Like Now
Image credit: Warner Bros.

You would never see Snape in Benedict Clarke today.

It's been eleven full years since the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise hit theaters, but the Wizarding World fandom only grows stronger with each passing year, with the Fantastic Beasts franchise serving as a prequel, Hogwarts Legacy becoming the latest hit, and new Warner Bros. projects swirling in the rumor mill.

Of course, such a huge success of the franchise had an impact on its cast.

Many actors have become global stars thanks to the story of the boy who lived. In addition to Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Tom Felton, there were a number of child actors who attracted a lot of fan attention.

Years later, the fandom still enjoys following their lives and acting careers. Stories like Matthew Lewis' glow-up have become behind-the-scenes legends.

But Neville Longbottom's actor is not the only one who has undergone a complete transformation since his childhood. Remember Benedict Clarke, the boy who played young Severus Snape in Deathly Hallows?

Today, he looks nothing like the dark-haired, pale, and adorably awkward boy we saw in flashbacks.

The 26-year-old actor could rival Lewis' glow-up if his social media is any indication. The actor has 35K followers on Instagram and 16K on Twitter.

Without black hair extensions and dark contact lenses, he looks completely unrecognizable. It is hard to see Severus Snape in this blue-eyed, handsome young man.

As for his acting career, after appearing in the Harry Potter franchise, Clarke took part in several short films and plays, as well as the 2021 film Blue Abroad and an episode of the TV series Murder in Provence.

Of course, like other cast members, the actor hasn't completely left Harry Potter behind. As a self-described "Harry Potter nerd," he has appeared at many Wizarding World events and fan conventions. Even his cat has a Hogwarts house (Hufflepuff).

Interestingly, when young Benedict first auditioned for the Harry Potter franchise, he was going for one of two roles, either young Snape or young James Potter.

And today, with his looks, Clark could totally pull off the role of James if the prequel about the Marauders were to take place as many fans demand.

But it would be even more exciting if the actor portrayed Snape in his youth, with the help of good old black hair and dark contact lenses, of course. Looks like Warner Bros. has some work to do.