What Your Fav Blue Bloods Character Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Fav Blue Bloods Character Reveals About Your Personality
Image credit: CBS

The long-running crime drama has survived in the competitive prime-time landscape thanks to its vast array of relatable characters, each of whom appeals to their own type of person.

Whether you're a wise strategist, a cheerful leader, or a dedicated and caring person, rest assured that "Blue Bloods " has a character just like you!

It's no wonder that a hit show tries to include every type of personality among its characters in order to appeal to even the most random person flipping through the channels, but "Blue Bloods" has certainly taken this long-established tactic to an extreme.

Each member of the Reagan family seems so different from each other that you might wonder if they are all related. All joking aside, the show's writing team has really done the impossible – it's actually possible to learn a lot about the fans based on their favorite character from "Blue Bloods," and that speaks volumes about the show's quality.

And even though each of the main characters can easily be pigeonholed into one archetype or another, they all evolve throughout the show, just like the fans who watch it. So don't be surprised if you start the show loving one character and end your binge with a completely different one on your mind.