When Is The 'Fallout' Series Coming Out?

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Amazon's attempt at adapting the legendary RPG video game is anticipated by many, and it looks like the project might be released sooner than expected.

Bethesda's best-selling video game franchise has amassed quite a following over the past 20 years, with six released games becoming hits among adult gamer audiences. The world of 'Fallout' is a dangerous place, set several hundred years in the future, after a global nuclear war between the United States and China. The world has since changed, but mutants, crazy sectarians, and scorched earth remind violent people living in this post-apocalyptic world of their ancestors' mistakes. Achieved in narrative detail, packed with interesting characters, unique locations, and signature atmosphere, 'Fallout' has long been considered the best as far as video games have to offer, but can Amazon Prime replicate the magic in the form of a series rather than a game?

Announced back in the summer of 2020, 'Fallout' series is finally becoming a reality, and filming of the pilot episode is currently underway. The show is created and produced by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, with pilot directed by Nolan himself. Ella Purnell will play the lead role in the series, and Walton Goggins and Kyle MacLachlan have been confirmed for supporting roles. Amazon Prime will exclusively show the long-awaited project, but narrative details are still being kept secret.

Since only the first episode is currently being filmed, and the retro-futuristic setting requiring considerable investment from Amazon Prime, 'Fallout' will definitely not be released this year; the most likely option is late 2023.

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