Where Are They Now? The Office Cast's Best Post-Office Roles

Where Are They Now? The Office Cast's Best Post-Office Roles
Image credit: Legion-Media

For a very long time, every aspiring actor dreamed of having a big role on the big screen, and most of them had to go through a bunch of TV shows to gain attention.

The Office, an acclaimed sitcom, helped launch a majority of its cast into stardom — and we chose their best post-show roles.

When you spend a few seasons with the same characters, you start getting the impression that the actors that play them will be type-casted in the feature — because they showcased how good they are at portraying a certain archetype.

But then you encounter them in some of their more recent works and then it hits you: they're actors. They act for a living. They should be versatile in order to achieve something, they can't be forever captured in one mold playing the same note.

So seeing the cast of The Office, a primarily comedic, even sarcastic show, playing roles that don't even remotely correlate to the characters that we've got to love, is a very interesting experience that makes their work even more impactful and leaves a lasting impression. From blockbusters to dramas to various comedies, the cast of The Office found ways to shine.

Here's the list of all The Office cast's best roles mentioned here: Steve Carell – The Morning Show (2019), John Krasinski – A Quiet Place (2018), Rainn Wilson – The Meg (2018), Jenna Fischer – Splitting Up Together (2018), Mindy Kaling – The Mindy Project (2012), Ed Helms – Rutherford Falls (2021), Craig Robinson – Dolemite is My Name (2019)