Which Member of One Direction Threw Liam Payne Against a Wall?

Which Member of One Direction Threw Liam Payne Against a Wall?
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'One Direction' formed at 'X-Factor' show in 2010 before going on a hiatus in 2015 – something that effectively became the band's split-up.

Ex-member of 'One Direction' band Liam Payne has spilled some tea on how he and his former band counterparts would get along, and spoiler – not always very well.

Speaking to Logan Paul on his podcast, Payne revealed that there was a heated incident with one of the band members – who remained unnamed. Liam said he was thrown against the wall during an argument backstage, and things could explode at any point.

"I said to him, 'If you don't remove those hands, there's a high likelihood you'll never use them again,'" Payne said.

He never clarified when or where the incident took place.

Logan Paul appeared to enjoy Payne's response, noting that it was "a very British thing to say". But fans seemed to feel nothing but ick after Liam's comments.

Naturally, suggestions started to emerge regarding who the mysterious cool fish bold enough to put his hands on Liam was. And the majority agreed on one candidacy.

At some point during the podcast, Payne said that he used to dislike Zayn Malik, but later came to realize that his fellow band member "grew". Liam then went on to say that he is "always" going to be on Zayn's side.