Who's That Wookiee Jedi In 'Bad Batch' Season 2 Trailer?

Image credit: Legion-Media

Disney+ just unveiled the trailer for the 'Star Wars' animated show, and fans can't wait to find out who the mysterious Jedi Wookiee is.

Continuing the story of the beloved animated series 'Clone Wars', Disney+ latest tells the story of a squad of elite clones with genetic mutations trying to survive in the dangerous world of a galaxy far, far away. Both projects were created by Dave Filoni, so naturally they share not only some artistic choices, but also recurring characters. For example, when fans saw a Wookiee wielding a green lightsaber in the trailer, many of them immediately recognized Gungi, who first appeared in the original 'Clone Wars' series.

It seems that Gungi, who was first shown as a young Jedi who engineered a wooden lightsaber hilt himself, managed to survive Palpatine's Order 66, allowing the clones to kill all Jedi in their path. Emerging with his unique weapon, Gungi surely did not abandon the practice of his art by going underground. It's hard to say how big of a role this original Jedi will play, but it's likely that Disney+ probably wouldn't have included him in the trailer if he were just a cameo for avid fans to recognize him.

Fans were certainly surprised that Gungi survived 'Clone Wars' events and eagerly await his return to action this fall.

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