Who's the Worst Person in 'Euphoria'? Here's Our Top 3

Who's the Worst Person in 'Euphoria'? Here's Our Top 3
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It's funny how the show without the villains ends up with everyone being a villain.

Let's make things clear. We're not here to castigate our favorite characters from 'Euphoria' – after all, if everyone in that high school was a perfect kid with good grades not interested in sex, infidelities, drugs, and betrayals, we likely wouldn't watch it.

However, it would also be naïve to think that everyone in 'Euphoria' is a lovely person, a nice friend, and a dedicated partner. The HBO teen drama has unearthed many demons that some people think are too dark for teenagers to handle. Still, they handle it – in the ways they can.

But some of them do act horribly sometimes, making one think whether they can grow into decent people at all. Let's look at the characters that seem to be the worst people in the show – at least to some of us.


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Let's start with the most obvious choice here. After season 2, it's quite hard to find a 'Euphoria' fan who does not hate Cassie for basically snatching a man from her best friend Maddy.

It was not exactly her move toward Nate that turned fans against her – it's her total lack of any remorse about what she has done. When someone confronts Cassie about her relationship with Nate, she would keep defending her actions and arguing that Nate and Maddy were on a break when she decided to shoot her shot.

When Maddy predictably went ballistic, Cassie wouldn't even try to redeem herself, instead continuing her thing with Nate and even delivering an emotional speech from the stage of Lexi's play – which she unapologetically ruined by intervening when she realized that the play mocked her and Nate.

The hate towards Cassie is quite understandable. However, is she the only bad guy in this situation, or is there someone who's right beside her?


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Surprisingly enough, Nate does not receive as much hate as Cassie does, despite being a true embodiment of toxic masculinity and abusive tendencies.

Fewer people take issue with him, even though he also did not seem to be too remorseful about hooking up with Cassie when Maddy was right there – not just physically but also mentally, because Nate would constantly be thinking about her and even mixing up names of his two girlfriends.

Should we even bring up the fact that Nate used violence and threats to get what he wants – and sometimes, all he wanted was to just unleash his rage? From beating up a guy for "raping" Maddy at a party (while we saw that Maddy was the one to initiate what he did to her), to blackmailing Jules using the sex tape of her and Nate's father which Jules never consented to be a part of – Nate is no better than his new girlfriend.


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In fact, it was Jules who got the honor of being the most hated character before Cassie did. In season 1, when the show was largely focused on the relationship between her and Rue, Jules displayed little empathy. It was perfectly okay for her to play with Rue's feelings and end up going full "open relationship" mode – without actually making sure that her partner was okay with that.

Rue was clearly not okay with that. Still, the two remained together until the moment that ruined Jules for many people in season 1: when Rue, who went clear solely because of Jules, realized that she was about to hit her rock bottom at the end of the season. And when she needed Jules' support the most, she simply abandoned her at the train station – effectively plunging Rue into relapse.

Obviously, this top 3 is individual for every 'Euphoria' fan, and you might as well adore Jules, love Nate, and redeem Cassie – while hating on Rue or Fez (these two, just like pretty much everyone else in the show, do have their own things to be hated for).