Who Will Natasha Romanoff End Up With? No Easy Answer For 'Black Widow' Writer

Image credit: Marvel Studios

For those who only familiar with Black Widow in MCU movies, it might be surprising to know that Natasha Romanoff was actually in a middle of a love triangle – but not involving those who'd you expect.

Seems like even the 'Black Widow' writer herself is not ready to tell who Black Widow will end up with in the comics – Hawkeye or Winter Soldier. As fans clash in heated debates about how this love triangle should be worked out, writer Kelly Thompson argues that it is more complicated than it seems.

"It's hard for me to pair her off with either of them romantically because I value the depth of their bonds together -- all of them -- that level of friendship and devotion even feels more intense to me than just 'romantic love.' But there's no easy answer to pairing anyone off in this scenario... which makes for good stories, but I know as a fan can also be frustrating," Thompson told Marvel.

Some people seem to be really eager to see the same love triangle between Natasha, Hawkeye and Winter Soldier in MCU.

Someone came up with an easy answer for Thompson.

But the writer herself acknowledged that she's not "all-powerful".

In MCU, Romanoff does not enjoy a less dramatic love life as well. While not hooking up with either Hawkeye or Winter Soldier, she was flirting with Steve Rogers and even offered Bruce Banner to run away together – and we all know how these two stories ended.

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