Who Will Win Best Picture At The Oscars? Internet Rolls Out Predictions... With A Sprinkle of Ted Lasso Energy

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It’s only a week until the largest award ceremony in the world of cinema. The Oscars are scheduled to be held on Sunday, March 27, and there is a tense competition going on.

Here are the Oscars’ nominees for 2022 Best Picture:

  • ‘CODA’,
  • ‘The Power of The Dog’,
  • ‘Don’t Look Up’,
  • ‘King Richard’,
  • ‘Belfast’, ‘Drive My Car’,
  • ‘West Side Story’,
  • ‘Dune’,
  • ‘Licorice Pizza’,
  • ‘Nightmare Alley’.

Whatever your personal pick is, it is unlikely that movie fans will ever be united when guessing the winner. Twitter threads are already buzzing with excitement and predictions: some are rooting for Denis Villeneuve’s hit ‘Dune’, while others are counting the awards that ‘CODA’ has already secured.

Others are adamant about the victory of ‘The Power of the Dog’.

While movie fans clash in relentless beefs about whose winner is going to triumph, some people just enjoy themselves and roll out Twitter threads with the Oscars’ nominees as… episodes from TV series ‘Ted Lasso’.

Are you rooting for ‘Drive My Car’? Don’t engage in arguments, look at the Ted Lasso version of it.

Or maybe ‘West Side Story’ is your pick?

And the Oscar goes to…

Or to…

You will know the answer in less than a week. See you in Hollywood… or at least we will all meet online to share our thoughts on the actual winner.

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