Why Did 90’s Icon Alicia Silverstone Vanish from the Big Screen? 

Why Did 90’s Icon Alicia Silverstone Vanish from the Big Screen? 
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Now almost no one remembers the actress who was the main star of the 90s.

Alicia Silverstone was incredibly popular in the early 90s. She starred in three Aerosmith music videos, followed by the movie Clueless, which made her a superstar. But such a good start wasn't enough to keep her career going.

Alicia Silverstone started acting at the age of 16. In 1993, she even went to court to get out of parental custody in order to bypass child labor laws that prevented her from working full-time.

The actress became the worldwide star when she starred in three Aerosmith videos at once – Cryin', Crazy and Amazing. The success of the videos was so overwhelming that Silverstone was immediately invited to the big screen.

Alicia joined the cast of the teen comedy Clueless. The movie told about a frivolous and insanely rich girl who changes because of love. The comedy became a huge box office hit and a cultural phenomenon.

And what do successful actresses who want to be even more in demand do? That's right, they go to blockbusters about superheroes. But this time, there was a problem.

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Participating in the movie Batman & Robin seemed like a win-win option. After all, it was a successful, long-established franchise. Who knew that the movie would receive devastating critical reviews and become one of the biggest Hollywood flops in history?

The movie was panned by the critics for so long that the careers of Alicia Silverstone and Chris O'Donnell were ruined. The more experienced George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to emerge from the wreckage with minimal damage to their reputations.

After this failure, Alicia had to start all over again. She went to auditions again, looking for interesting scripts, but the movies she starred in were not as successful as Clueless.

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Six years later, Silverstone was able to regain some of the former glory. She starred in the series Miss Match. For this role she was nominated for a Golden Globe, but the project was cancelled after the first season.

As time went on, the actress faded completely into the background – when she did appear in a movie, it was only for a couple of minutes. Silverstone's career is an example of how a talented actress can be catastrophically unlucky with the roles she plays over and over again.

Alicia has several times been involved in projects that had a chance of box office success. For example, the movie Vamps starring Silverstone, Sigourney Weaver and Krysten Ritter. But this movie, like many others Alicia was involved in, failed miserably.

Now the actress is starring in low-budget movies that go unnoticed by the viewers. Alicia had the chance to become a superstar, but her career ended as soon as it started.