Why Did Doctor Strange Cast That One Spell in 'No Way Home'? Benedict Cumberbatch Explains

Why Did Doctor Strange Cast That One Spell in 'No Way Home'? Benedict Cumberbatch Explains
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Benedict Cumberbatch defends his Doctor Strange amid accusations the Sorcerer Supreme was responsible for all those 'No Way Home' troubles.

After all, all the madness in the multiverse has started because of that one spell in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'.

When Doctor Strange stepped in to help save Peter Parker from being exposed in 'No Way Home', it was his spell, making everyone except some people forget the identity of Spider-Man, that went terribly wrong.

So why would he even go for it in the first place? Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrays Strange, explained it when speaking to The Hollywood Reporter.

Defending the reality-breaking spell, Cumberbatch argued that it was "a very human error", pointing at the fact that Peter was the one to constantly intervene with new tweaks to the spell.

"I think the spell on its own might've been alright," the actor said. "Everyone forgets that Peter interrupted the spell. [...] It's not really Strange's mistake. He's right to want to help Peter, and what kind of a superhero would he be if he didn't want to help another superhero?"

Sounds good, but some fans argued that Strange actually has to share some responsibility as well.

Still, Cumberbatch is adamant that his character did nothing wrong regarding Peter Parker's misfortunes – particularly the death of Aunt May, which, if you think about it, also happened because of the spell backfiring.

"It's not Strange's doing, ultimately. And I'm not responsible for Aunt May dying. Come on!" the actor told Vanity Fair, responding to many fans' accusations.

Doctor Strange will still have to face the consequences of his meddling with reality in 'Multiverse of Madness' as the movie enchants viewers across the world since May 6, already scoring an impressive box office.