Why Does Netflix's 'Dahmer' Have Everyone Worrying About Evan Peters?

Why Does Netflix's 'Dahmer' Have Everyone Worrying About Evan Peters?
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Evan Peters portrays Jeffrey Dahmer in Netflix's new project about the infamous serial killer – and it's quite tough to watch.

'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story ' premiered on Netflix on September 21. The criminal drama series consisting of ten episodes has already sent shivers down the spines of many viewers who delved into the history of Jeffrey Dahmer – a cannibal serial killer who has been committing atrocities for well over a decade and remain unarrested.

The titular role went to Evan Peters, and his performance appears to be so compelling that a lot of people on social media are starting to grow concerned about the actor's mental health.

"Watching Dahmer and want to genuinely know if Evan Peters is fine. The man has never played a sane role," Twitter user xkatiemaries mentioned.

One of the most impressive scenes was when Peters' character went to inform one of his victims that he was going to "eat your heart" – a threat that he might have easily executed if it was not for the victim's wit that helped him escape.

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Fans hope that "Evan Peters is getting therapy after this portrayal", suggesting that the role of the insane maniac might have been really tough for him.

"[I] hope [E]van [P]eters has some good genuine people looking out for him in his circle cause goodness gracious…. he took this role seriously and gave it his all. [I]'m deeply disturbed by the accuracy of this new series," Twitter user laacolee said.

Other people noted that it was important to praise Peters' performance but not "romanticize" him as Jeffrey Dahmer, stressing that everyone needs to draw a line between the actor and the character – in this case especially.

Jeffrey Dahmer, also dubbed the "Milwaukee Monster", murdered 17 boys and young men over more than a decade, successfully evading arrest for many years. After watching the Netflix series, outraged fans noted that it was the "homophobia and racism" of the Milwaukee police officers that helped Dahmer escape prison for so long because the officers would ignore the smell of dead bodies in his apartment, handle the case loosely, and never trust victims of color.

The series that delves into the unsettling story of the Milwaukee Monster is currently streaming on Netflix.