Why Prince Eric From Little Mermaid Looks So Familiar?

Why Prince Eric From Little Mermaid Looks So Familiar?
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There are some interesting projects in the filmography of Disney's most charming prince.

The main crush for almost all fans of Disney movies is undoubtedly Prince Eric, played by Jonah Hauer-King, who will soon be seen on the big screen in The Little Mermaid.

The actor had notable projects before the Disney adaptation that you may have missed.

Since 2014, Hauer-King began acting in short films, and in 2017 the first feature movie with his participation was released – the British drama The Last Photograph. His colleague on the set was the famous actor Danny Huston.

In 2018, Jonah took part in the dramas Postcards from London, Old Boys, and the war movie Ashes in the Snow.

These projects did not bring him world popularity, but became an important stage in the development of the actor's career. The following year brought Hauer-King more feature-length works.

These include the family adventure movie A Dog's Way Home and the adaptation of Norman Lebrecht's The Song of Names, Jonah's second World War II themed movie, where he co-starred with major stars such as Tim Roth and Clive Owen.

In 2017, the actor was much talked about in connection with his work in the adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women.

The actor played Laurie Laurence, and the miniseries was positively received by critics and viewers.

Jonah also starred in the miniseries World on Fire. The BBC project tells of the lives of ordinary people from Britain, Poland, France and Germany during the Second World War.

Jonah played British translator Harry Chase, who joined the army as an officer.

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Jonah is not only a talented actor, but also a good singer. Most likely, Jonah will showcase his singing skills in The Little Mermaid.

Initially, Harry Styles was offered the role of the prince, but after thorough auditions with the participation of the director of the project, Rob Marshall, it was decided to approve Hauer-King.

The decision was more than successful, as John is the spitting image of Eric.