Why You Shouldn't Waste Your Time On 'Thor 4', According to Reddit

Why You Shouldn't Waste Your Time On 'Thor 4', According to Reddit
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Taika Waititi's blockbuster is finally nearing long-awaited theatrical release, and it looks like the new chapter of the Thor story wasn't worth the wait.

Chris Hemsworth once again embodies the almighty Asgardian, but something seems to be missing from the previously successful superhero formula. Despite initial claims that the film would be a great new chapter for the MCU, filled with humor, action and great acting from Natalie Portman and Christian Bale, 'Love and Thunder' is now described as a rather mediocre attempt at a believable superhero story.

Discussing the international premiere of the hotly anticipated film on Reddit, fans were quite upset with how it went, lamenting that 'Thor: Love and Thunder ' didn't live up to the hype surrounding it. Most people point out that the movie itself isn't that bad, but it definitely lacks what made the other MCU films so great.

"Idk reading through these comments makes me feel a little alienated because I was so incredibly underwhelmed/disappointed by the movie, I felt the humour was so forced oh and they wasted the GOTG so hard, the "Asgardians of the Galaxy" tease in Endgame resulted in maybe 20 minutes of screen time. I tried to love the movie but I think superhero fatigue has finally set in and I'm getting sick of the constant half assed efforts that have been coming out from Marvel" – /Agent-Riley.

One major problem viewers had with 'Love and Thunder' is Waititi's trademark sense of humor, used extensively throughout the two-hour running time. People feel that Thor's story should be approached with a more serious attitude, without ill-conceived jokes popping up every minute.

"Just watched it. It was okay to me but too many jokes come out at the inappropriate moments. I love Taika’s style but I feel like he was trying a bit too hard. The beginning was powerful so did the ending scene. I feel like in some scenes Jean was acting like an anime character but some moments were touching. I enjoyed the movie overall but I was expecting more." – /Positive_Taste1215.

Another complaint pointed out by fans is the film's soundtrack, which completely lacks an epic component and sometimes even distances the viewer from the action shown on the screen.

"Did anyone else feel like the music was off? It could’ve been my theatre because the volume seemed to be too quiet. But also the instrumental music (the orchestral stuff – I’m not talking about the songs) just seemed to not hit. like it should’ve built more during the dramatic scenes to help get those emotions going. But it felt like it fell flat and was an afterthought." – /springmango.

Overall, it seems that MCU fans are starting to get bored with their favorite franchise, calling all the recent films pointless and not that interesting, with some fans even going as far as calling post-Thanos MCU lackluster and underwhelming.