Will Daniel Radcliffe Be in Harry Potter Reboot? Here's What He Says About It

Will Daniel Radcliffe Be in Harry Potter Reboot? Here's What He Says About It
Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Will the boy who lived become the boy who returned?

On April 12, the streaming platform Max presented on its YouTube channel the official teaser for the series based on the Harry Potter books.

It was clarified that the new project will be the series about the beloved wizard. HBO has promised a faithful adaptation of the cult books.

When this news broke, it certainly made all the many fans ask the logical question – whether anyone from the original cast appear in the new project. Most of all, people were curious about the movies' main star Daniel Radcliffe.

Many hoped that he’ll take part, if not in a regular role, then at least in a cameo. In an interview with Deadline, the actor revealed his thoughts on the matter:

“Certainly, from everything I’ve read about the series they’re going to be starting fresh and so it’d probably be weird to have me pop in.”

It is known that the series will have a completely new cast.

Fans already have some guesses about the main stars – Toby Wolf for the lead role, Bronte Carmichael for Hermione, and Joshua Pickering for Ron.

Some claim that Tom Felton will return to the series – this time as the head of the Malfoy family, Lucius. HBO has yet to confirm any of the fan theories.

Warner Bros. Discovery plans to devote a separate season of the series to each of the seven installments of the saga. J.K. Rowling will executive produce the series, but will not be actively involved in the work on it.

Some critics and fans have already expressed outrage that Rowling will participate in the filming. However, the example of the game Hogwarts Legacy, which was also criticized for Rowling's involvement and called for a boycott, but broke sales records as a result, shows that fans will still watch a quality product.

Casey Bloys, chairman and CEO of HBO & Max Content, surprised fans with the announcement that the project will run for 10 consecutive years, but Fantastic Beasts will have nothing to do with the series.

So fans can only guess what plan the creators have for the new Harry Potter. Most likely, the first season of the show will air in 2025 or 2026.

Source: Deadline