Will 'Fear Of The Walking Dead's Morgan Return To 'TWD' Finale?

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Lennie James left AMC's 'The Walking Dead' back in 2018, but his character's recent storyline in the spinoff series might hint at Morgan's reintroduction to the main show.

Lenny James has been with the franchise since the beginning, appearing in the first ever episode of the show. Morgan was considered one of the most interesting characters in the zombie saga, so AMC's decision to make him the main star of 'Fear the Walking Dead' was met with complete understanding by fans. Nevertheless, his absence from the main storyline was certainly felt, and it looks like fans may be treated with his reappearance in the series finale.

Currently in its 7th season, 'Fear of the Walking Dead' is still going strong, evolving with each new season. In the show's latest episode, titled 'The Raft', a big juicy hint was revealed to fans. In one of the dialogues featured in the episode, Morgan says a really interesting thing – "I left some folks I cared about once before and it has never sat right with me."

Looks like Morgan is seriously lamenting his decision to leave Rick's crew after 'All Out War'. And the fact that he used such strong words to express his regret may hint at his future decision to reunite with his old friends to make amends.

Fans support the suggestion, expressing hope to see James' Morgan in the final season of 'The Walking Dead'.

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