Will Netflix's 'Resident' Evil Become the New Walking Dead? Reddit Weighs In

Will Netflix's 'Resident' Evil Become the New Walking Dead? Reddit Weighs In
Image credit: Legion-Media, Netflix

The streaming giant recently unveiled the first trailer for its highly anticipated video game adaptation, but it looks like fans of the game may be a little surprised by the show's setting.

The 8-episode series will center on the infamous Umbrella Corporation, the biotechnology company responsible for the creation and subsequent spread of a deadly virus that turns ordinary people into extremely powerful and dangerous zombies. With Lance Reddick playing fan-favorite villain Albert Wesker, fans were expecting a deep and complex story about the events leading up to the Raccoon City disaster, but it seems that Netflix chose a more banal approach to the game adaptation – the action of the series will take place 30 years after the zombie outbreak.

Fans were clearly disappointed, considering that the original Capcom game series boasts one of the most original lore in the entire video game industry. Netflix's creative team could have chosen many different angles for a unique treatment of the zombie story, but they chose not to, trying once again to take advantage of the winning formula of 'The Walking Dead '.

We have a whole world with characters and locations that can literally be full seasons (mansion season, RPD season, hell even Jill and nemesis chasing her around Raccoon as a season) but yet they always seem to wanna make it more like the walking dead than true resident evil, – /noeagle77.

It is more than unlikely that the upcoming show will please the avid fans of the game series, and without their support, this dubious-looking project will probably be cancelled after the first season. It looks like Netflix has already lost the battle to create a worthy successor to AMC's blockbuster zombie show.

'Resident Evil' will arrive on Netflix on July 14, 2022.