Will Robert Downey Jr. And Jude Law Return In 'Sherlock Holmes 3'? Here's What Dexter Fletcher Has To Say

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Guy Ritchie's modern take on Arthur Conan Doyle's character proved to be a huge hit almost a decade ago, and the third part is still in development.

Since Robert Downey Jr. has been very busy making his MCU movies for most of the last decade, many fans speculated that 'Sherlock Holmes 3' would be stuck in development hell for quite some time before being cancelled completely due to audiences simply not remembering that previous parts actually existed. But the project seems to be alive and going strong, with the new director, Dexter Fletcher, replacing Ritchie.

In a conversation with Collider, the 'Rocketman' director talked about the upcoming Victorian blockbuster and explained why it took so long to get the project back on its feet.

"The pandemic derailed it. I do think it will get made. I think it has to be made. I don't know what the timeline of that is, unfortunately, but I believe it should be. It's fantastic. I think it's about all the right people being at the right place, at the right time. I think it's that. It's one of those cruel twists of fate, where the pandemic hit and that scattered people around the world to the wind. But I know that the appetite is huge for it, and I'm sure there are other people acutely aware of that as well," Fletcher said.

It looks like 'Sherlock Holmes' fans will have to wait a little to longer see Downey Jr. as the famous detective again, but some certainly won't be very willing to accept Fletcher as the new director.

"As good as Rocketman is, I’m disappointed by this. A big part of what made the first two Sherlock Holmes movies so special was that Guy Ritchie style and tone. I imagine that’ll be lost with a new director." – @SKKCM01.

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