Will Rosario Dawson Trade Her 'Star Wars' Career For 'Star Trek'?

Image credit: Legion-Media

The actress has already played a pretty significant role in Netflix's Marvel universe, and has also joined 'Star Wars' in an upcoming series, but it looks like another huge sci-fi franchise may draw her in.

Dawson began her career in indie films, gradually moving on to more high-profile pictures in Hollywood, such as 'Sin City', 'Alexander' and 'Men in Black 2'. In recent years, the actress has become very popular with comic book fans, appearing in 'Daredevil' as night shift nurse Claire Temple, and her upcoming lead role in the Disney+ series 'Ahsoka' will only solidify her position as one of the most beloved actresses working today.

While participating in The Hollywood Reporter roundtable, Dawson ironically announced her plans to star in another major franchise, this time not owned by Disney.

"I just want to be in Star Trek so I can be in all the universes," Dawson said about her new-found industry success.

Interestingly, rumors of Dawson wanting to star in 'Star Trek' began a couple of years ago, when the actress announced her desire to play the iconic role of Q, with most space opera fans disagreeing that this would be a great idea.

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