Woody Allen’s Retirement Plans May Change Only For This Reason

Woody Allen’s Retirement Plans May Change Only For This Reason
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The director’s latest movie may have also brought him to such thoughts.


  • Woody Allen has been sharing his thoughts concerning his retirement after almost 60 years in cinema many times, but now he seems to take it more seriously given his latest film’s big production struggle.
  • Despite that, Allen revealed that there’s one condition that needs to be fulfilled for him to keep directing.
  • Allen’s latest movie Coup de Chance was released last year after several delays and acquired mostly good reviews from both critics and viewers.

Though Woody Allen’s controversial reputation has quite often threatened to put his career on halt, the director has nonetheless always been here after almost 60 years of continuous filmmaking.

Now that his 50th film, French dramedy Coup de Chance, has been released since last year, Allen may feel like it’s time to get closure — but he won’t if this one of his conditions is met.

In one of his recent interviews the director reflected on his fatigue from struggling with finding money for new films as Allen is known for his independence from major Hollywood studios. Thus, he revealed that, in case another movie would be coming to his hands to direct, he would rather not go on a search for investors yet again as the director feels like it’s “a pain in the neck”.

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However, if there’s someone who will approach him first for giving money from their piggy bank, Allen would go back to his collection of ideas stored for potential future movies.

The reason for such drastic changes in Allen’s directing career may be not only his general exhaustion from painstaking work for more than half a century, but also challenges that he had to face while filming his latest movie, Coup de Chance.

Translated as Stroke of Luck, the film follows a woman whose sudden encounter with her former high school friend makes her question her whole seemingly perfect marital life.

Behind the facade of the film’s generally positive welcome from viewers and critics, as well as solid 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, Coup de Chance had to yet endure some difficulties with distribution that eventually resulted in the movie’s numerous delays and Allen’s tested patience.

While the movie has found its way out of the financial dilemma and is still getting accolades, it’s now up to Woody Allen whether he personally wants to carry on with a successful career — but ending it on such a high note wouldn’t be bad either.

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