'World's Worst Director' Challenged His Critics to Boxing Match And... Beat Every One of Them

'World's Worst Director' Challenged His Critics to Boxing Match And... Beat Every One of Them
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Don't mess with B-movie directors.


  • Uwe Boll, the German director of mostly terrible video game adaptations, decided to take revenge on his critics in 2006 by inviting them to a boxing match.
  • Of the five critics chosen, Boll beat all of them, but apparently the director chose weaker opponents.
  • There is a documentary about these events called Raging Boll, which can be viewed on YouTube.

Ever heard of Uwe Boll? The German director, who was hated by gamers in the 2000s, made video game adaptations – and turned them into pure trash. House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, Far Cry, Postal – all these movies turned out to be terrible and far from the concept of the games.

Boll was mercilessly panned, received a Golden Raspberry for World's Worst Director, but he just laughed and did not accept any reasonable criticism. The German director continued to promote himself in every possible way, and based on one of his tricks there was even made a documentary film called Raging Boll (yes, the reference to Martin Scorsese 's Raging Bull is not accidental).

Uwe Boll Challenged His Critics to a Boxing Match

'World's Worst Director' Challenged His Critics to Boxing Match And... Beat Every One of Them - image 1

As a child, he practiced boxing, and in 2006, he invited those who wanted to fight him into the ring. The press release stated that Boll would challenge five of his harshest critics to a full 10-round boxing match. To add to the hype, Uwe invited Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary to fight. To make the cut, participants had to write two extremely negative reviews of Boll's films online or in print.

The fights weren't particularly entertaining, but Boll won all five by a landslide. However, there were serious doubts about his choice of fighters. Sean Riley, known as Seanbaby, really wanted to fight Boll, but when Uwe learned that he was a black belt champion Muay Thai kickboxer, he decided not to fight him.

He also refused to fight Canadian comedian Ron Sparks, preferring not physically strong guys. This is proved by an episode when a fight with a 17-year-old teenager ended with the boy's mother running into the ring – she asked Boll to stop beating her son.

Rue Morgue magazine writer Chris Alexander prepared a surprise for the director. In Boll's book on filmmaking, he read about a trick involving fake blood, and after a series of missed punches, Chris spit out a stream of blood – unfortunately, the trick did not help him. But the critic was still thrilled: "I freaked him out exactly like I wanted to do, it was poetry. It was my Jedi mind trick to try and disorient him."

The Documentary is Available On Youtube

It is hard to imagine that movie history contains such a wild incident, but no matter how unbelievable this situation may seem, it actually happened in real life. And if you are really fascinated by this story, you can watch the whole movie Raging Boll on YouTube.

Source: The Guardian