Yellowstone: Kevin Costner In Talks To Return For The Finale, Reports Claim

Yellowstone: Kevin Costner In Talks To Return For The Finale, Reports Claim
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John Dutton’s fate in Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 grows yet more unpredictable as Kevin Costner seeks to squeeze his way back into Taylor Sheridan’s show for the finale.


  • Kevin Costner left Yellowstone midway through the final season due to his conflict with Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator.
  • Reports claim that now, Costner is interested in reprising his role as John Dutton to finalize his character’s story.
  • The negotiations between Sheridan and Costner may go either way depending on how good the new ending is.

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone is arguably the biggest TV show in the world today, but its finale has been spoiled by the behind-the-scenes drama. The lead star, Kevin Costner, clashed with Yellowstone’s creator over his schedule and left the series, leaving Sheridan to create a new finale to the show where John Dutton is no more.

After months of hard work, Sheridan seemingly has it all figured out — but now, Costner wants to get back into the fold, according to reports. What does it mean?

Kevin Costner Wants To Rejoin Yellowstone

Costner’s John Dutton has always been the central character of the epic neo-Western saga, so the actor’s leave was a tough blow for Yellowstone. In Sheridan’s eyes, however, it was but a momentary setback: the show’s creator opted for rewriting the finale rather than pleading with his former lead star to return.

Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 should be ready to film in the near future, but Kevin Costner suddenly decided he wanted to reprise his role as John Dutton, after all.

According to Puck, the actor’s representatives entered negotiations with Sheridan and Paramount regarding Costner’s return for the finale of Yellowstone. There’s no exact information apart from that, but this discussion won’t be easy as both sides would have to give up their previously taken positions and meet in the middle.

Will Kevin Costner Return To Yellowstone?

At this point in time, we can only speculate about the resolution to these negotiations, and we have two major points to use as our guiding lights.

On the one hand, Paramount and Sheridan have already lost a lot thanks to Kevin Costner’s leave. Yellowstone’s creator rewrote the entire finale for his saga, and the network lost millions upon millions due to all the stalling. From this perspective, they have no incentive to accept Costner back: they’re ready to move on without him.

On the other hand, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton is the staple of the show, and with him back in the fold, the initial version of the finale could be executed. Seeing how the new script is but a substitute for the original plan, Costner’s return would allow Sheridan to finish his grand series exactly the way he’d always envisioned it.

Financial and legal issues aside, from the show’s perspective, it all comes down to one thing: whether Taylor Sheridan thinks his new finale is better than the old one.

Will the Yellowstone finale be better with Costner?

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