Yellowstone's Cole Hauser: Guess Which '90s TV Darling He's Married To

Yellowstone's Cole Hauser: Guess Which '90s TV Darling He's Married To
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We are betting you all didn’t guess that Cole Hauser’s wife was one of your ‘90s dream girls.


  • Yellowstone made Hauser famous, but Rip isn't his only well-known role.
  • Hauser's biggest fan is his wife.
  • Hauser and Cynthia's relationship is one of the longest lasting in Hollywood.
  • Cynthia has decided to leave the acting profession, but she is still very successful.

Yellowstone has filled a unique gap in the drama series market, being a Western set in modern times. Brilliant writing, wonderful characters and plots that get you on the edge of your seat and stay there, once you start this show you cannot stop. Hauser plays Rip Wheeler, a farm hand and criminal with a rough and tragic past. His skill as an actor sees him bring incredible life to the role, making Rip one of the show's most popular characters.

Not just a Yellowstone actor

Hauser, on the other hand, has developed a solid fan base. Not just Yellowstone fans, but those who have followed his career for even longer. While it was Yellowstone that made him almost a household name, he has been giving wonderful acting performances for years.

Cole Hauser has been making a name for himself in Hollywood since he first burst onto the scene in 1992. Since then he has gone from strength to strength, impressing audiences and critics alike with brilliant performances in films such as Dazed and Confused, Good Will Hunting, Hart's War and Tigerland. On television we have seen him in High Incident, K-Ville, Chase, Rogue and most recently Yellowstone.

Cynthia has something to brag about, too

One person who was definitely a huge Cole Hauser fan long before Yellowstone is his wife, Cynthia. They have been happily married since 2006 and are the parents of three adorable children, two boys and a girl. But did you know that Mrs Hauser is something of an acting legend herself? It's true. If you watched television in the 90s, you would know about a show that made teenage girls swoon and teenage boys lose their minds. That show was Sweet Valley High.

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Based on the popular book series that ran from 1983 to 2003, Sweet Valley High seemed destined to become a TV show. And, of course, the casting of the main characters, identical twin sisters Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, would prove to be a crucial decision. The girls who eventually won the roles were real-life identical twins, Brittany and Cynthia Daniel. That's right, the same Cynthia.

Sweet Valley High only ran for three years, but amassed a huge following, especially among teenage girls who had read the books. Sadly, poor ratings meant that the show was cancelled at the end of its fourth season.

A happy mom of three

Following Sweet Valley High's conclusion, Cynthia took a step back from acting, while her sister Brittany continued to work steadily in both film and television. Cynthia's passion was photography and that was where she wanted to focus her energy. She now works as a photographer, but was lured back to the small screen in 2002 with an appearance in an episode of That 80s Show, which also starred her sister Brittany. In 2022, Cynthia and Brittany also starred in the film Cheaper by the Dozen.

Currently, Cynthia is a full-time mother to her three children with Hauser, and also works as a photographer. So, Sweet Valley High fans who were wondering what happened to Cynthia Daniel, here is your answer. And Cynthia's husband is now the star of the family, thanks to his success on Yellowstone.

Did you know Cynthia Hauser was a 90s teen icon?