Yellowstone’s Cancellation Stopped Fans From Meeting Yet Another Dutton

Yellowstone’s Cancellation Stopped Fans From Meeting Yet Another Dutton
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Who knows what 2024 will bring?


  • Yellowstone was a modern western TV show, created by Taylor Sheridan and getting very well acclaimed.
  • The show was canceled after Kevin Costner’s scheduling conflict.
  • The cancellation led to the whole family branch being excluded from the show, as there will be no season 6.

There is no good way to end a show when one of the main characters leaves. Whether it's due to conflict on the set or just poor time management, it doesn't mean much to the viewers who don't get to see the story from beginning to end. This is exactly what happened to the fans of Yellowstone.

While it is now clear that this cancellation will not be the last straw for the entire Taylor Sheridan spinoff universe, not all viewers are as excited about the spinoffs as they were about the original series. 1923 may go on, and 1944 and 2024 may be in the works, but that doesn't mean people will stick around.

This transition would be especially hard to handle with all the news and what-ifs coming out about the show. It's no secret that every fandom tends to have its own theories and opinions, but since no one usually knows if they're true or not, they're easy to deal with. The news that was confirmed by the production team – not so much.

Kacey Dutton’s Lost Brother Who Never Been

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One of the news stories that broke recently is that the cancellation cut the appearance of yet another member of the Dutton family. Cory Asbury, who has stated that he was cast for season 6, recalled his own reaction to the troubling news in an interview with Taste of Country:

“I was fired up about it and so bummed when it was canceled. So bummed. <...> [His wife] Anna gave me the OK. And our kids were like, ‘OK, cool, we’ll live in Montana,’” he shared.

The actor and singer was supposed to appear in season 6 as the long-lost brother of Kayce Dutton. Unfortunately, since the show was canceled long before production began on season 6, there isn't much information available about the character or his storyline.

The only thing we do know is that there is still a tiny chance for Kayce to make it into the franchise if there is a spot for him in 2024.

If you are interested to see how Taylor Sheridan will handle this situation, and what exactly the 2024 starring Matthew McConaughey will look like, keep an eye out for more news and behind-the-scenes updates.

Source: Taste of Country