'Young Sheldon' 100th Episode Cliffhanger Marks Show's Evolution to Dramedy

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On April 1, 'The Big Bang Theory' prequel 'Young Sheldon' marked its 100th episode milestone – and celebrated the anniversary with a major cliffhanger.

Spoiler alert: if you are yet to watch 'Young Sheldon', we've warned you.

'Young Sheldon' co-creator Steve Molaro shared with TV Line his view on the series' "natural evolution" from sitcom to dramedy, noting how the 100th episode's cliffhanger falls in line with the changes in the show.

The 100th episode was jaw-dropping for many, revealing that Sheldon's big brother Georgie is to become a father after lying about his age and hooking up with a 30-year-old girlfriend Mandy.

"We find ourselves able to tell more interesting, more mature stories with these actors and these characters. That's a big part of what we're excited about and how we landed on how the hundredth ends with Georgie," Molaro told TV Line.

According to him, the shift to dramedy was not "a black-and-white decision", with the changes rather coming naturally.

"The kids were getting to an age where we could lean into it more, and tell stories that felt like they mattered to us," Molaro noted.

The pregnancy storyline has definitely taken many viewers by surprise, but it looks like a really pleasant surprise.

The fans seemed to have enjoyed the emotional mix of drama and comedy.

Some people (as often happens with cliffhangers) have already expected such a turn of events. Well, you can't surprise everyone.

'Young Sheldon' was renewed for the sixth and seventh seasons by CBS in 2021, so there's definitely more to the coming-of-age story of our beloved geek genius. However, we will have to wait until fall 2022 to find out how that cliffhanger has actually changed the game.

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