'Young Sheldon' Star Reveals His Favorite Episode, But Fans Disagree

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Ian Armitage, the star of 'Big Bang Theory' spinoff 'Young Sheldon', revealed his favorite chapter of the show while celebrating the 100th episode milestone.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, young star expressed his love for 'Dolomite, Apple Slices, and a Mystery Woman' from the first season of the show. In that episode, viewers can finally learn the origin story for one of the original series' most beloved gags – Sheldon and his distaste for Geology.

Interestingly, fans don't think of this episode very highly. Viewers from IMDb shockingly put this chapter of the series at the bottom – it ranks as only the 87th highest-rated episode of the show.

Armitage also expressed his fondness for one of the show's more recent episodes – 'A Black Hole', loved by fans too (10th highest-rated according to IMDb).

'I also love the black hole episode, because it's just funny and different and weird — really out there but kind of cool to see that we can take those risks'.

Let's hope that 'Young Sheldon' continues its winning streak, and who knows, maybe another 100 episodes in the future, Armitage will pick completely different episode as his personal favorite.

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