Young Sheldon’s Mary Cooper Is an Angel Comparing To This Monster Of a Mom

Young Sheldon’s Mary Cooper Is an Angel Comparing To This Monster Of a Mom
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Do not forget who the real villain is.


  • Young Sheldon is the CBS sitcom that was released in 2017 as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory.
  • The series follows the life of the Cooper family in Texas in the 90s.
  • Although many viewers believe that Mary Cooper is a bad mother, the real villain among all the mother figures of the show is Audrey McAllister.

If there is one character who gets the most hate from Young Sheldon fans of all ages, it has to be Mary Cooper. A woman who grew up in a very conservative Texas environment and turned to religion after nearly losing her child is often seen as a bad mother who pays too much attention to one of her sons and ignores the other children.

While the part about coddling Sheldon is true, Mary can hardly be blamed for everything Georgie and Missy went through over the seasons of the show.

First of all, they both had a father who preferred the company of a bottle of beer and television to his own family. And second, some of the most unexpected circumstances had their effect.

All that aside, young Sheldon really did have a great example of the worst conservative parent you could ever imagine. And while the show did its best to push the redemption narrative, the reality is that Audrey McAllister should not have been allowed into either Mandy's or Constance's lives.

The Worst Young Sheldon Character

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While the list of Mary Cooper's sins against her own children usually ends with "buying a computer for Sheldon" and "not letting Missy go to the school dance," there is hardly a reality in which she abandons any of her children. No matter what they have done or how they have behaved, the doors of the Cooper house will always be open to them.

For Audrey McAllister, however, accepting her own daughter's pregnancy was out of the question, simply because the child was not conceived in a marriage. The horror of abandoning one's child is hard enough, but the absurdity of doing so when the child is already 29 years old is the final nail in Audrey's coffin.

The most outrageous thing, however, was not the way she pushed Mandy out of her life when Mandy needed motherly advice the most. It was the moment she reluctantly took her back. Audrey has the audacity to put her name forward for Constance.

While the gesture would have been understandable in any loving family, this was not the case for the McAllisters.

Although some people believe that Audrey really didn't understand that her opinions on anything baby related were no longer welcome, others still believe that she had her ulterior motives. She wanted Mandy to be grateful for accepting her back, even though she was the original reason everything was ruined.

So if you ever think that Mary Cooper, with her obvious flaws, deserves the title of worst mother ever, think again. And if you need a reminder of Audrey McAllister's wickedness, you can stream Young Sheldon on Netflix or MAX.