Zack Snyder Is Eyeing The Gears of War Adaptation, But Is It A Good Thing?

Zack Snyder Is Eyeing The Gears of War Adaptation, But Is It A Good Thing?
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Fans say "no" because they think the director's style of filmmaking doesn't fit the atmosphere of the original games.

Movie and TV adaptations of video games may be entering a golden age, as more and more of them are proving to be quite successful, unlike 10-15 years ago.

While there are still the occasional bad apples like the Halo TV series, projects like Sonic the Hedgehog and its sequel, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and TV shows like Arcane, The Last of Us, and Castlevania have been exceptionally well received by fans and critics alike.

Currently, there are many video game adaptations in various stages of production, and Gears of War is one of them.

The original video game series (well, at least the first three games) was set on the planet Sera and revolved around the war between humans and the Locust Horde, a subterranean humanoid species.

The first game was released in 2006 and spawned a franchise that now includes five games and several spin-offs.

The Netflix adaptation has been officially announced in 2022, and in a recent interview with IGN, Zack Snyder expressed his interest in helming it, saying that "Gears has always come up in [their] sort of circle."

Considering that Snyder's upcoming film, Rebel Moon, will also be released on Netflix, it's possible that the filmmaker could once again collaborate with the streaming service to direct Gears of War.

Moreover, the creator of the original video games, Cliff Bleszinski, has given Snyder his stamp of approval, but only if Dave Bautista, who previously publicly expressed his desire to play Marcus Fenix (the protagonist of the first three games), will also be in the movie.

Fans, however, are not so enthusiastic, claiming that Snyder's style of filmmaking does not go well with the atmosphere of the original games.

They say that if Zack is indeed hired to direct the movie, it will end up being overly dramatic even where it shouldn't be, and will feature excessive slow-motion shots along with overly dark cinematography.

However, fans agree that Dave Bautista would make a great Marcus Fenix and would undoubtedly nail the character.

Gears of War is still in the early stages of development, so no release date has been announced yet.

Do you think Zack Snyder is the right man to be the director of Gears of War?

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