Zeus' Role in 'Thor: Love And Thunder' Could Be Entirely Different, Deleted Scene Reveals

Zeus' Role in 'Thor: Love And Thunder' Could Be Entirely Different, Deleted Scene Reveals
Image credit: Marvel

In the final cut of the movie, the two thunder gods end up being enemies. But things could go differently.

In 'Thor: Love and Thunder ', Thor does not come off to a good start with his thunderous counterpart from Greek mythology, Zeus. As the Asgardian arrives to Zeus' place to seek help and try and unite the gods against Gorr the God Butcher, Zeus appears to have chickened out. This ends in an altercation that has Thor and his friends escaping Zeus' palace with his thunderbolt, and the Greek god ends up being wounded.

In the post-credit scene for the movie, infuriated Zeus sends his son Hercules, portrayed by Brett Goldstein, to hunt Thor down.

However, it turns out that Taika Waititi might have been considering a totally different path for Thor and Zeus. In one of the deleted scenes, Thor and Jane share a moment in her hospital room, when it turns out that Zeus has been there this entire time. Still, Thor does not react as he would if Zeus was his enemy; in fact, the scene looks more like a comedic altercation between a couple of fans… even though let's be honest, quite a lot of Waititi-directed scenes look that way no matter the characters involved.

In the scene, Zeus invites Thor to come with him because he "has something" for him. But we won't get to know what that was or whether Thor joined his Greek counterpart. Still, it certainly seems that Zeus and Thor could have been friendlier to each other in 'Love and Thunder', or Zeus had a subtler plan to undermine his Asgardian counterpart.

Waititi decided to go for Thor apparently having Zeus and his son Hercules as his enemies for possible next movies. However, those are still to be confirmed, even though 'Love and Thunder' ended with a traditional promise that "Thor will return".