Lee Jevon

Lee is a freelance writer and editor based in Hemel Hempstead, UK. He loves sport, comedy and (every now and then, binging a bit of Netflix). He’s written content for BBC TV and radio in the UK and several local radio stations in the US. 

His writing has covered all sorts of genres and topics, from GoT trivia to cryptocurrency, mortgage advice, sports betting, and even ‘How to clean stains from your toilet bowl’!

There's No Sex in Star Wars, and Disney Made Sure Andor Creator Knew That
Star Wars remains a franchise that spans generations and has been around while the nature of what is acceptable (and to some degree demanded) of a movie or TV show has changed massively. Just imagine Game of Thrones being released in the 1970s!
Star Wars' Glaring Stormtroopers Flaw Has a Perfectly Logical Explanation
The idea that all Stormtroopers in the Star Wars universe have a bad aim is nothing more than a myth. 
Emilia Clarke's Idea of Daenerys Ending is Way Better Than the Real Thing
Apparently, Emilia Clarke has been discussing Daenerys Targaryen's exit from Game of Thrones – and there is a strong sense that her idea trumps what actually happened to her character.
Could We Get Jon Snow GoT Sequel Before House of the Dragon Season2?
While there has still been no official confirmation that Jon Snow sequel 'Snow' will ever hit our screens, rumours are already circulating that we could see it before House of the Dragon season 2.
Here's the List of Every Netflix Christmas Movie Releasing in 2022
Christmas is fast approaching and, for all the feasting, gifting, and partying it brings, one of the highlights of the season is that we get to see some great TV and indulge ourselves with movies we don't watch at any other time of year. 
The Walking Dead's Final Episodes Have Been Subpar to Say the Least
What is it about major TV franchises that sees them so often end disappointingly?
Daniel Radcliffe's Miracle Workers Is the Best Show You're Not Watching
We all know there are a lot of shows on TV – not to mention the plethora of streaming services available – and that trying to keep up with every show that gets recommended or inspires a bit of hype is pretty tough.
George RR Martin on Ned Stark's Biggest Mistake
Ned Stark was a good guy in a world of bad guys – and that ultimately led to his death. 
Here's What it Would Take for a New Superman Movie to Make a Billion
Fans of the superhero genre have been speculating recently on whether a new Superman movie could gross $1 billion.
Sorry, Daemyra Fans: It's All Downhill From Here
It may have once looked to be one of the most solid – if a little strange – dynamics in House of the Dragon, but when Daemon strangled Rhaenyra in the final episode of season 1, it became apparent that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.
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