1 Thing Elena Gilbert Forgave And Forgot Too Easily, Her Brother's Death Aside

1 Thing Elena Gilbert Forgave And Forgot Too Easily, Her Brother's Death Aside
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She really couldn’t hold a grudge, could she?


  • The Vampire Diaries was The CW fantasy series based on the novel series by L. J. Smith.
  • The plot centered on a love triangle between Elena Gilbert and two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore.
  • The relationships were highly toxic and manipulative but gained a large following at the time the show aired.

If you were to make a list of absolutely unforgivable crimes, you can bet that murdering someone you love would be somewhere near the top. That is, of course, if you're a normal human being who hasn't been manipulated for years by two vampire brothers like Elena Gilbert.

There's a lot to love about The Vampire Diaries, but it's certainly not a good example of a non-toxic relationship. The fans who grew up with either Delena or Stelena are probably looking back at their thoughts in fear of ever repeating the same scenario in real life. For the TV show, however, this romantic mess made for great entertainment.

Of course, when you watch such a show again, you can't help but wonder what you would do differently than Elena at any given moment. And while going into a coma a lot sooner to avoid it all sounds like a great idea, some fans' minds go straight to Katherine.

How Did Elena Gilbert React To Katherine?

1 Thing Elena Gilbert Forgave And Forgot Too Easily, Her Brother's Death Aside - image 1

The conclusion of The Vampire Diaries fandom on this question is very simple: she did not react nearly enough. Furthermore, she continued her relationship with Stefan knowing full well that she looked exactly like his ex-girlfriend. If that's not a red flag in any relationship, it’s hard to tell what is.

The situation is creepy from just about every angle. Not only was Stefan watching Elena because she looked like the woman he once loved, but she only found out after they became intimate and after she showed him her trust by accepting his vampire nature.

Katherine's perspective wasn't much better. Although she was the one who left, it wasn't for too long, and she must have been really angry, as well as really weirded out by both Salvatore brothers being completely obsessed with her related doppelganger.

While it's hard to imagine yourself in such a messy and supernatural situation, it's even harder to imagine yourself being as patient and pleasant as Elena was. If the writers really wanted her to be at least a little too relatable to the average Vampire Diaries viewer, maybe they shouldn't have made her so forgiving.

If you still love The Vampire Diaries after all these years of reflection, you might want to give it another look, just for the fun of it. You can stream the show on Netflix, Peacock Premium or Max.