10 '90s Movies So Iconic, Even Gen Z Can't Help But Stan

10 '90s Movies So Iconic, Even Gen Z Can't Help But Stan
Image credit: Toho, Miramax Films

Gen Z's penchant for hating older movies and shows is well known, as young people tend to dislike the movies made before they were born, describing them as trite, boring, and simply uninspiring to watch.

And it's not really surprising, because new generations usually hate the interests of older ones, and only a few works manage to stand the test of time and appeal to all possible generations.

And in that regard, the '90s proved to be the most enduring decade for Gen Z, as even the most modernity-obsessed young fans bowed their heads to some of the movies released during that time.

Here are 10 '90s movies so iconic, even Gen Z can't help but stan:

As you've probably noticed, only the most unique and original movies made it onto this list, as the notion of style appeals to Gen Z audiences much more than other qualities of movies.

The characters from these movies look iconic and the stories they find themselves in feel charismatic and bright, similar to those found in Hollywood movies of 2024.

Perhaps these 10 films remain iconic today because they are so influential in the current movie landscape, perfectly predicting the interests of Gen Z fans.