10 Absolute Worst Movie Plot Twists, Ranked by Fans

10 Absolute Worst Movie Plot Twists, Ranked by Fans
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No matter how much we love some of these movies, we have to admit that their plot twists are among the worst things that have ever happened to cinema.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers to numerous movies.

10. Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

In Don’t Worry Darling, a housewife in a picture-perfect world begins to question her reality after noticing others’ weird behavior. The story spirals out of control quickly, and it turns out that she’s been living in a simulation… And the final twist explains how she was aware of it the whole time. What was the point of the movie, then?

9. Ocean's Twelve (2004)

The Ocean’s movies are famous for their elaborate and nerve-wracking heists, and Ocean’s Twelve is no different, except it features three great heists in one film. Sick, right? Well, not really: in the end, it turns out the real heist was performed in three seconds off-screen before the movie’s events. Again, what was the point of it all?

8. Serenity (2019)

It’s hard to unpack everything Serenity throws at you, really. There’s this heroic man who’s asked by his ex-wife to kill her new abusive husband. He does just that. Then, it turns out they were all just characters in the woman’s son’s computer game. Then, he kills his abusive stepfather in real life and creates another, happier game. Duh.

7. Ghosts of War (2020)

A group of American soldiers must hold off a French chateau where the Nazis conducted terrifying experiments on humans. A simple mission turns into a nightmare when they encounter the creations of those experiments… But worry not: in the end, it’s all just a VR experience, and nothing ever mattered, like this movie.

6. Mindhunters (2004)

If you’ve read Ten Little Indians or watched any of its adaptations, then you already know what Mindhunters is about. At one point in the movie, one of the last guys standing tells the protagonist he’s the killer. The problem is that he’s 100% innocent, and the only reason behind that line is to throw the viewer off, which is just so cheap.

5. Wonder Woman (2017)

The first Wonder Woman movie was pretty decent, mind you, up until the finale. Whose idea was it to add a plot twist where wars only happen because Ares, the god of war, created them? Making one person responsible for all the bad stuff was the dumbest idea ever; or did we miss the moment when humans became pacifists?

4. Spectre (2015)

The James Bond franchise is iconic in its own right, but even it didn’t manage to escape terrible plot twists. In Spectre, it was revealed that Blofeld, the main antagonist, has been Agent 007’s lost brother all along. This began the longest, most unnecessary and frustrating retcon of all time that even spoiled the next movies.

3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

We’re eternally thankful to Jurassic World for trying to bring Jurassic Park back, but… Some things are better left in peace, you know? In Fallen Kingdom, Maisie turned out to be a clone rather than a real person, and this embarrassment was only made worse by the next movie’s attempt to cover it up. Just give her a rest, alright?

2. Allelujah (2022)

So, get this: there’s a geriatric ward which is on the verge of being closed, and to save it, the employees organize a fund-raising concert for their longest-serving nurse. Guess what? At the end, it turns out the nurse has been a serial killer all along for many years. Such a plot twist doesn’t even belong in this movie!

1. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018)

The Fantastic Beasts movies are notorious for many things, but the Credence plot twist in the end of The Crimes of Grindelwald is the worst. If you need to throw in over ten minutes of flashbacks and conflicting stories halting the main plot for your plot twist, it’s no plot twist: it’s a piece of lore you neglected throughout the movie.