10 Best Crime Dramas to Watch on BritBox Before It Shuts Down

10 Best Crime Dramas to Watch on BritBox Before It Shuts Down
Image credit: ITV

You have a month to get the most out of your subscription.

Bad news for all the lovers of British television: BritBox UK will officially shut down at the end of April 2024. Through the years, many viewers have been using the platform to stream some of the best shows produced in the U.K., and, if you were one of these people, you now have a little less than a month to catch up on everything you still haven’t seen.

From the most iconic police procedural of the 90s to a mind-bending true crime show about the struggles that the system makes the victims’ families go through while trying to help their loved ones, here are the 10 best crime dramas you need to check out if you still haven’t.

Luther (2010-2019)

This iconic psychological thriller starring Idris Elba follows the violent and cold, but extremely dedicated, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. Investigating the case of brilliant psychopath and murderer Alice Morgan, he doesn't have enough evidence to make a case against her. But they have enough in common to make unlikely allies.

Prime Suspect (1991-2006)

If you are a fan of police procedural dramas, this show is perfect for you, as it features all the best aspects of the genre, seasoned with uniquely British humor and intense, mind-bending cases. Starring Helen Mirren as Jane Tennison, one of the first female Detective Chief Inspectors in London's Metropolitan Police Service, Prime Suspect is a classic.

The Bay (2019-...)

This ongoing crime drama shows how complicated any investigation can get when emotions are involved. Set in Morecambe Bay, in the county of Lancashire in the northwest of England, The Bay follows an investigation into the case of two missing twins whose stepfather had an accidental one-night stand with the detective.

A Confession (2019)

Starring such well-known actors as Sherlock 's Martin Freeman and The Crown 's Imelda Staunton, A Confession is a miniseries based on a true crime case. It tells the story of Detective Fulcher, who investigates the disappearance of a young woman, but soon finds himself in a dilemma between following protocol and actually being helpful.

Crime (2021-2023)

We all know that Scottish shows have a special charm, and Crime is no different. The story of DI Lennox and DS Drummond investigating the abduction of a schoolgirl had enough twists and turns to keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the first series, but the second series proved to be even more exciting.

The Barking Murders (2022)

This is a BritBox original true crime series that follows the efforts of the families and loved ones of 4 gay victims of a hate crime murderer, Stephen Port. Devastating and at times frustrating, the series brings to light important issues and the lack of cooperation one can face when trying to get justice for their loved ones.

The Coroner (2015-2016)

Just because there are only two seasons of the show doesn't mean it doesn't deserve your attention. On the contrary, The Coroner has the blessing of not being deliberately dragged out over decades of content to the point where you get annoyed with every character. Instead, the main character, Jane Kennedy, remains relatable and entertaining until the end.

Shetland ( 2013-...)

Although many believe the Shetland archipelago to be a tranquil place and an interesting travel destination, the show proves that no corner of the world is safe from various crimes. Quite frankly, looking at the number of victims in the show, we would think twice about taking a trip to Shetland and enjoying the sights through the lens of a camera.

Line of Duty (2012-2021)

Inspired by the Metropolitan Police's A10 anti-corruption unit, this investigative procedural drama follows DS Steve Arnott, a licensed firearms officer who is transferred to the anti-corruption unit as punishment for refusing to cover up a botched shooting. Though skeptical at first, Arnott ends up getting completely caught up in the cases.

Little Boy Blue (2017)

Based on the horrific true crime case of the murder of a young boy, Rhys Jones, which took place in Liverpool in 2017, the show follows the struggles of Detective Superintendent Dave Kelly as he struggles to get enough evidence to put the very well-known killer behind bars and help justice prevail.